Welcome to the Tajo-Tejo Internacional Cross-border Biosphere Reserve

A destination for true travellers

Tajo Internacional offers a wide variety of plans to enjoy nature, the heritage, and gastronomy

The 10 musts

A list of the 10 essential places or experiences which you must visit or live to say that you are an expert on Tajo Internacional

What to do in Tajo Internacional

Hiking, cycle touring, birdwatching, climbing, water sports… Tajo Internacional offers you a wide variety of resources to enjoy active tourism

Join to the gastronomic club

This club fuses history, traditions, territory, trades, smells, flavours and fragances to put them at the service of all those who want to discover the richness of this great cuisine.


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Organise your trip

Plan your trip to the Tajo Internacional for a perfect experience

Where to sleep

Where to eat

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