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The Tajo Internacional Gastronomic Destination consists of a selection of restaurants, accommodation establishments, stores, production companies (oil mills, ham factories, and cheese factories), activity companies, and travel agencies who have decided to join forces to promote the Tajo Internacional by means of gastronomic experiences.

As gastronomy is one of the main attractions of Tajo Internacional, this club fuses history, traditions, territory, trades, smells, tastes, and aromas to put them at the service of all those who wish to discover the richness of this great cuisine.

At Tajo Internacional there are therefore all kinds of establishments offering a rich and varied gastronomic service for all sorts of people: families, groups, colleagues, gourmets, foodies, enthusiasts… all are welcome at Tajo Internacional Gastronomic Destination.

Gastronomy is a unique identity mark which makes a people different while at the same time it unites all those who share it. Enjoying the history, the culture, natural things, traditions, and the care taken over a cross-border cuisine has a name: Tajo Internacional Gastronomic Destination.

Proposals with lots of taste

The establishments making up the Tajo Internacional Gastronomic Destination offer much more than excellent gastronomic products. As well as great cuisine, we can find a varied selection of activities which will help us to enjoy gastronomy and our leisure time in a different way. Here we offer you some of the best gastronomic options that you can enjoy at the Tajo Internacional Gastronomic Destination:

Come and get to know the entire productive and industrial process of the Iberian pig by talking a walk on the dehesa, visiting a production company, attending ham-cutting courses, or sampling Iberian products.

Enjoy a unique experience getting to know and taking part in the world of the tench, a delicacy which you can touch, fish, cook, and savour all in the same day.

Immerse yourself in the world of organic virgin olive oil; get to know the process of the production of this liquid gold by visiting an oil mill and attending an olive oil tasting session.

Go on a hunt for a day or experience traditional pig-killing accompanied by an Extremadura breadcrumb dish in a unique natural environment.

Be a pastry cook or baker under a craftsman who will explain the production process of traditional bread and the typical sweetmeats of Tajo Internacional.

Discover the production process
of cheeses of recognised prestige and sample them later.

Take home the best gastronomic products of Tajo Internacional

Look for the companies belonging to the Tajo Internacional – Sierra de San Pedro Tourist Association which operate in the Tajo Internacional Reserve.

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