Drop in at the visitors’ centres or information points when you start your visit. You will be given all the information you need for a safe visit.

Try not to travel alone and to carry a mobile phone. It should be borne in mind that the telecommunications network of most of the border areas is not very efficient, which means that it is not always easy to contact the bodies which can provide assistance.

Observe the indications of agents of the natural environment and of security staff and guides.

Behave in keeping with the conservation of natural values. As the presence of many species depends on the maintaining of the peace and quiet they need, excessive noise and unsuitable behaviour should be avoided

Follow the established routes and do not leave them. Respect private property, gates, and fences in the areas of passage with free-roaming livestock, leaving the gates as you find them.

Think ahead and always take a bag for your rubbish until you can deposit it in a container. In any case the best waste is what is not produced; failing this the best thing is to take away with you everything you bring.

Enjoy things without damaging them. The best contribution is leaving everything as you find it. The care of this space depends on the actions of each visitor. Retaining your good memories of the place on your next visit will depend on everyone’s collaboration.

Maintain an open, respectful, and responsible attitude to the people who live here. They are part of Tajo Internacional and have a lot to teach you!

And remember that there is a different Tajo Internacional awaiting you at each season of the year with different landscapes and sensations.